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Welcome to the Ultralight Prosthetics Inc. We put your care and well being first. We specialize in lower extremity prosthetics.  We not only meet, but exceed conventional standards to ensure comfort, durability and client satisfaction.

When we originated, our goal was to give our clients a personal type facility that we felt out competition was neglecting.  We know the benefits of working closely with our clients.  Knowing their specific needs allows us to give specialized treatment.

To further our efforts in the area of service we have developed our "In Home Service Plan" for clients unable to visit our facility.  We go into the home to cast, align, rough walk, and deliver the finished prosthesis.

Where artificial limbs come to life....

                 24781 Five Mile Road

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Lower Extremity Specialist

We take pride in staying in-step with the latest technology available.  Our highly trained and innovative technicians are able to manufacture strong, lightweight and functional prosthesis,  using carbon, titanium, acrylics, pneumatics and hydraulics.

We are located in Redford Michigan and service the entire Tri-County area and beyond.  

Free In Home or Office Consultations